Facing the current problem of water pollution along with the abuse of this limited global resource scientists, humanists and artists are mobilizing together, in order to find solutions, educate and raise awareness about the issue. The project that is put forward arises from the encounter between a young team of biotechnologists and engineers with a young performance company. The student studies focus on water research, while the performance company, INERVO danza-teatro, provides a multidisciplinary performance. This meeting led to the need to create a crossover project in which the two teams are going to work in parallel, supporting each other and creating a bridge between science and art. This bridge provides a platform to work on improving the global environment as well as linking to disciplines that at first may seem unrelated. Introduction Public Awareness Performance Team  .All rights Using scientific research and broadcasting, the goal of this project is to sensitize citizens from around the world on the issue of water pollution. The proposition is a scientific workshop where the main objective is the individual approach of the visitors to water use and misuse. The visitor is introduced to a dynamic presentation on the importance of water nowadays and in the future, while the artistic team will conduct a performance for the visitors, in order to raise awareness on the possibilities they have to contribute to finding solutions against the problem. This project needs the support of different entities interested in the diffusion of our project. 

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