Introduce un Carlotta Sofia StorelliThe Search In My Work On The Stage
Language and MultidisciplinarityLanguageOne important goal in my work consists to search for a language!
This language is on the borderline between theater and dance although it includes the conscience of
pictorial language in itself too!
I'm still searching, for that reason I don't consider one result as a definitive outcome of my searching, but
just a footstep forward on my way to find that hybrid I so much yearn to find.
One of the questions I often ask myself by exploring my own creative process is:
"how honest, sincere, 'organic' and real is the gesture I'm truly using for that score of movement ?".
And the next question: " what is honest, sincere, organic and real?"
When a score is empty of its content? How important is it that the content and the sincerity of the
gesture have a structure?In all creative processes I work on aiming to answer these questions and trying to synthesize them into a
piece! The performance is also important because it answers the question "why search for a language?",
well, it's easy: "to communicate", because art is a language and therefore a vehicule for communication!
Frequently, the artist gets lost deep in his research (the contemporary artist in general), so deep in the
ocean of his thoughts and feelings that he forgets a factor: art IS COMMUNICATION, specially in
performing arts.Our works talk about something and that's why we search a coherent language to communnicate it! We
don't only have to create a performance having a message, but rather the whole performance itself is a
message, from the reason of performing the movements, to the lights and to all single details it is made
up of! The performance is all and as such each part of it should vibrate what we wish to pass it on! Here
we are dealinng with the search for coherence or a coherent language, in my case in an special way at a
corporal level. My works concretely aim to be reflexions , unmasking the individual or a situation, therefore what kind
of language should we use in order to be coherent with that concept?
I look for a sincere language, bare like the individual or the situation I'm showing, I search a
straightforward language that passes on a honest emotion, a real one!Multidisciplinarity
Here we move in a very delicate field! Nowadays almost every artist is or pretends to be
multidisciplinary! We are all educated or have some notions in various disciplines and have an inner
obligation and eagerness to combine them all when we produce an artistic work! But it's important to
know that each of us understands this fusion in a different way but all as perfect as each other! I believe
there are many ways of interpreting fusion in arts! One commonly used that I myself as well use too, is
with no doubt to use various elements coming from different disciplines in the same performance, for
example dance and video, dance and installation, etc.
A point of view I consider very interesting when exploring the multidisciplinary language is the
multidisciplinary vision! In fact in theory it could be even possible not to insert a video for the product
you are seeing be related to the video, at least it isn't necessary. Insert a painting to fuse the pictorial
language with the corporal language ( I must say inserting is fine and I do it myself at first), but it is
essential or at least very interesting to approach the multidisciplinarity from another point of view , one
more subtle, more intimate! To create a dance scene your attitude has to be as if you were doing a
painting while dancing. Other arts you wish to use for your artistic work shouldn't be just added, well
included in the final result, no, they should flow in the soul of the work all along. For me it is as if you
could see all these perspectives and let them coexist at the same time in the process of creation, in each
gesture itself. For example if we observe the base of any discipline in the performing arts and the
grounds of corporal expression, they are exactly the same and have the same rules as well, they only use
two different instruments the paintbrush or the body, but spatial rules, plans, plasticity, strokes, etc are
subject to the same rules and exploring in depth the arts we find that they all have a common ground
where they converge, they only use different means of expression! For me exploring multidisciplinarity
means using various materials and languages from other artistic disciplines as well as searching a more
profound and intrinsic vision of the arts and its coincidences. texto aquí...

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