curriculum vitae

                                                                                                         y biografia


2013/2014 Estudio Shinca, specialization: Corporal Expression Didactics

2011/2014 Alfa Institute, Movement and Corporal Expression, diploma

2010/2012 School of Performing Arts Tai, interpretation

2008/2009 Bachelor of Arts, Liceo Michelangelo (Como, Italy)

2005/2009 Bachelor of Arts, CSIA (Lugano, Switzerland)

Additional Training

2016/17 descalzinha traning 

201672017  contemporary dance school copenaghuen 

Laban school whit Nunzia tirelli and Alis Curtis Jons 

2015 March, Contemporary dance, ELISA-Marie Allaio, USA

2015 Fusion dance, Jorge Calvo, Spain

2013/2017 Improvisation and contemporary dance Workshop, Camille Hansson

2014/2017 Physical theater, training, Residui Teatro

2014/2017 Research Group dance-theater, Residui Teatro

2013/2017 Dialogue with gravity, BUTOH, with Johnatan Martineu (Madrid)

2013/2015 Contemporary dance, with Beatriz Pañinzuela (Madrid)

2013/2015 Duo Dance, Estudio3 (Madrid)

2012/2015 Contemorary Dance, with Iris Muñoz (Madrid)

2011/2013 Artesanado Group for corporal research, directed by Mercedes Ridocci

2012/2013 Improvisation Dance, with Agustin Belluci (Madrid)

2012/2013 Acting School, Agustin Belluci (Madrid)

2013 Dance Workshop "Poder y locura"(Power and Insanity), with Joseph Stella (Madrid)

2013 Improvising dance and music, with Ester Montblanc, Rosa Bailarin, Ghilem Kantelbach (France)

2012 Course in improvisation and movement, Academy for Physical Theater Dimitri, (Switzerland)

2007/2010 Practice as a creator of engravings, Artistic Prints Workshop, "Galli Novazzano" (Switzerland)

2008 Embessy School, English Course Level 2 (Brrighton, UK)

2005/2007 Theater School Giuseppe Valenti (Switzerland)

2000/2005 Theater Interpretation and Performance, "Le Scintille" (Switzerland)

1995/1999 Theater Interpretation and Performance, "La Luce" (Switzerland)

1994/1999 Classic Dance and Jazz Dance, "The Moving Factory" (Switzerland)



Several works from acting to dancing, going through a period in the wolrd of performance and still active in it (concentrated in Spain) working with other artists like Abajo Izquierdo, Blanketa, Colectivo Pic-inc, el Retrete Rosa, Asangrefria, "La cabeza no para" and "En Solitario"; next performance foreseen with the Luciernagas Association, Madrid!

  • started acting as a 6 year old girl with the Company La Luce in Switzerland, in my teens I continued acting in Switzerland with the Company Scintille to finish the swiss period with Giuseppe Valenti, a swiss-italian Company. I continued my career in Spain acting with the Company "23 Razones". In the field of film I worked with Barum Mrad on my first feature film in 2005, a swiss-usa production where I play a secondary role in the full-length film "soy it now". In Switzerland I worked with Denise Fernandes to produce my first short film "lei", playing the main role, assisting in the set design and competing in the Locarno Film Festival. In Spain I have worked as an actress in many short films with Rocio pin-art, standing out "jamón y piña" at the Bilbao Film Festival and "Ainfagstelsen", with Rocio pin-art I also produced some art videos standing out "Estetica de la violencia" (Aesthetic's Violence).
  • n the dance and movement field I worked during three years with the Company "Artesanato" directed by Mercedes Ridocci. I also worked during eight months with the Company Jorge Calvo, always in Madrid. In Madrid in 2003 I have started producing my own works fusing concepts of dance with theater and performance, all in the dance and corporal expression field. My first piece is "Elementos" presented at the Performance Festival organized by Asangrefria, then follws the full-length piece "ReMiniscencias(where I play together with Susana Sanchez and Patrizia Mas-Kortenhause) performed in a couple of alternative theaters in Madrid. In 2014 I started INERVO together with an ex member of the Group Rocio Pin art. and Jan Hugo Saabye The Inervo Company aims to produce dance theater performances, distributed by Sensorimetrica, our first performance was "La Hojas Han Caido" (Leaves have fallen) already performed in Switzerland and Spain; the three main choreographies of this work were invited to be performed in Pittsburgh (USA) at the Off the Wall Theater where they fuse with the work of the american dancer ELISA Marie Allaio in a new work "Prespectivas" performed in Pittsburgh. This work will be performed again in New York in May, 2016. With the Inervo Company together with DENIS LAVIE and JAN HUGO SAABYE I'm working on a future piece "Oceanida"!
  • in 2016 created the "Blood Sea" project, an interdisciplinary work, dance and painting!
    which will be produced in January 2017 by 'off the wall theater in Pittsburgh
  • With the Inervo Company together with DENIS LAVIE and JAN HUGO SAABYE I'm working on a future piece "Oceanida"! That same performance is designed for the project "Wa<s> ter" that together with Blanca Lagunas ,in copenaghuen, project that sees involucre sciencie performance and architettur for the sensibility on the problem of plastic in the oceans in 2016 created the "Blood Sea" project, an interdisciplinary work, dance and painting! which will be produced in January 2017 by 'off the wall theater in Pittsburgh Currently in Copenhagen collaborating with ALUXA TEATRO and present for Kabukimono festival and 48 timer festival the show " INNER SHADOWS  " .


On November , 2015 opens a space for culture and art, INERVO in
carbanchel which opens with a workshop dates Camille Hanson November 16 to 20
2015.y continue in January on teachers from various disciplines
contemporary dance and experimental activitie !participate

November 2015 / June 2016 copmosicion choreographic classes and impro for professionals
Space inervo Madrid
November 2015 / junio2016 classes of contemporary dance and physical expression
space for children Inervo madrid
January 2016 / June 2016 drama classes at the Italian Institute in Madrid
March 2016 / June 2016 classes of contemporary dance and choreography composition
in high school and college Villablanca Joaquin Rodriguez in Madrid Vicalvaro

Dicember 2016 workshop coreograpich composition, verdens kultur center , Copenaghuen

Prox workshop April 2017 in Firenze 

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